Do not risk losing the wealth
you have worked hard to earn.
Every day you take risks with your wealth,
whether you know it or not. Are you adequately
protected? One of the most important factors
in wealth protection is risk management.
Understanding your tolerance for risk and implementing a well-constructed risk management plan are key to avoiding unanticipated losses.
Guard against unwanted loss.
At Baseline, we work hand-in-hand with clients to understand their tolerance for risk and to identify what losses may occur when making particuilar investments. We will identify the potential for problems and propose ways of lowering or mitigating potential losses.  We help clients anticipate problems and our expert advisors are always on hand to adjust portfolios appropriately in good time.
Our team can also analyse existing portfolios managed by other asset management firms and we can advise on how to best improve returns.
Our client promise: As your risk management advisor, Baseline promises to:
  • Employ its full range of world-class wealth management services, ranging from asset management to financial planning and accounting services.
  • Deliver a truly independent and transparent service free from any conflict of interest.
  • Provide consistent, superior risk-adjusted returns to our clients.
  • Offer wealth management solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Even with a strong portfolio, individuals
remain susceptible to risks such as market
corrections or significant downturns.
We occasionally encourage investors to hedge their portfolios to mitigate the effects of these market movements. Hedging a portfolio involves using different investments or market strategies to offset the risk of adverse price changes for an asset and prolonged market volatility.
Do not let one setback ruin your portfolio. Hedge with Baseline!
Hedging is a widely used strategy that enables investors to ride out volatility by reducing the risk of unfavourable price movements or market corrections for a given asset, usually by investing in another. We believe this is a strategy every investor should consider.
There are many techniques to hedging, including the use of options, futures, and increased diversification.
While hedging cannot completely protect an investor’s portfolio from any loss, it can certainly reduce the impact of any blow. Hedging itself reduces returns so while it is a strategy to protect investors from loss it is not itself a strategy to make money. . With the help of Baseline, individuals and businesses can successfully employ hedging techniques to reduce their exposure to risk.
Hedging is not for the unwary, but one to be discussed with an expert investment advisor. Baseline has long experience in hedging, employing it successfully for clients over many years. 
To get the most out of your investment and to protect yourself from systematic and unsystematic risk, hedge your portfolio with the help of Baseline. We are well equipped to guide you through the process.