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Baseline provides investment management services across public and private markets. We operate with an open architecture, free from any proprietary products and conflicts.

Investment Management

Uncertainty and resiliency has become a common theme in today’s environment. As an investor, one must achieve consistent risk-adjusted returns while factoring in the unexpected.

To this end, we offer bespoke investment solutions suited to weather today’s uncertainties. We help you achieve this through effective portfolio diversification, using a mix of public and private investments. These include direct-line investments, ETFs, Mutual Funds, and alternative investments.

Our core investment management offering consists of:

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Collective Assets Management

Whether you choose to delegate your investment selection, or prefer to play an active part in the investment process (or some combination thereof), we will craft a setup that is tailored for you.

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Impact Investing

A growing priority for our clients – in particular, our younger clients – is impact investing and mindful approaches that consider environmental issues, among others. We embrace this development and understand that you may be looking for ways to align your wealth with your worldview.

At Baseline, we have built a business with the necessary resources and expertise to deliver where many banks and asset managers fall short. Many of our competitors are not fully aligned with the concept of impact investing, or simply do not know how to put it into practice effectively.

At Baseline, we have built a business with the necessary resources and expertise to match. We know that many of our competitors are not fully aligned with the concept of impact investing, or simply do not know how to do it effectively. Many investors shy away from impact investing, citing numerous obstacles, including a lack of suitable investment opportunities, an inability to screen such investments, or a fear of inadequate financial returns. Others are concerned that some of the claims made for sustainable investments do not live up to close examination. Such perceptions may deter you from investing. We have found, however, that these perceptions are often wide of the mark, as there are now deals available in all industries, of every structure, and at every stage to enable investors to apply their capital in ways that not only meet their financial needs but also align with their values and worldview.

We expect that environmental and social themes will be key to unlocking outperformance in the coming years. As a result, our portfolios are rooted in areas that center around sustainability.

Rapid transformation in key economic sectors, such as energy and food, offer significant opportunities for long-term investors. We believe that committing capital to these sectors is not only a smart investment decision but can also help solve some of society’s biggest challenges.

At Baseline, we craft tailor-made solutions to reflect your values, while meeting your financial expectations. Our deep experience in impact investing enables us to help you invest with purpose.

In order to source the most compelling opportunities around the globe, we leverage our extensive networks across various impact communities to access unique and often hard-to-find private investment opportunities.


We help top management of corporation and self-employed to setup tailormade pension plan that meets their needs.

Our retirement solutions for the extra mandatory part of the 2nd pillar, and vested benefits accounts for private client, are based on self-determination and freedom of choice.

We offer you tax optimization, tailormade investments, maximum flexibility, full transparency, and long-term earnings opportunities for your pension assets.
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Wealth Planning

Wealth planning requires a close examination of your financial situation and aspirations, including asset protection, relocation, retirement plans, major upcoming expenses/investments, your attitude towards risk, and more.

We utilize third-party tools and advisors to develop a strategy that can help forecast what may lie ahead and the best ways to plan for any variations to those outcomes.

At Baseline, we focus on three main objectives: protecting/growing assets; aligning your wealth with your values; and optimising your tax situation.

We help you evaluate your current and future finances to make predictions about what could happen in years to come, including cash flow, asset values, and withdrawal plans.

Private Office Services

Many of our clients desire services that go beyond their investment management. From the complex to the mundane, we have a team in place to help you with various needs, including:

  • Cash Management and Bill Pay
  • Concierge Services
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Guidance for the Next Generation

For tax and legal services, we work closely with your existing team of tax and legal advisors to coordinate your affairs.

We can also help you find the right resources, should you need additional support locating tax, legal, or immigration experts in various jurisdictions around the globe.

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We look forward to speaking with you and your family about your vision, values and plans for the future. Together, we will make that vision an enduring reality.

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