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Traditional investments make up the bulk of a retail investor’s portfolio, but some individuals prefer to...
Look for additional kinds of investment. Alternative investments offer diversification and hedging opportunities for investors who would like their portfolios to comprise a range of different asset classes. 
An alternative investment is any asset class that falls outside traditional asset classes, such as stocks and bonds. Examples may include private equity or venture capital opportunities, hedge funds, and derivatives. At Baseline we consider that a balanced portfolio may contain some alternative investments. Think beyond traditional investments. Consider alternative investments with Baseline. 
Invest in startups that hold the potential for long-term growth.
Through venture capital investments, high net-worth individuals and institutions can make disproportionately bigger gains when set against investments in more mature businesses. The potential for strong growth makes the provision of equity to startups an attractive investment opportunity for savvy investors, albeit with considerable extra risk. Unlisted companies grow and succeed through successive rounds of venture capital investments.
As a venture capitalist, investors provide capital to growing companies in exchange for an equity stake. There is a higher risk of losing your initial investment or your stake being diluted by the arrival of other investors, but the potential returns can be much higher if the business eventually succeeds.  
There is no perfect venture capital investment strategy that is going to work across the board. Venture capital success rates are quite low – for every notable success, most venture capitalists will have had a number of failures. Most venture capital firms adopt a portfolio approach to startups, investing in many businesses in a particular sector or market, knowing that just a few will achieve great success
This is precisely why we recommend clients only explore this area of investment with a skilled advisor. The team at Baseline can hand craft an appropriate approach.
Private equity is the provision of financing for companies, mainly through funds that seek out opportunities in unlisted companies. Private equity investors typically take long-term stakes in businesses and focus on making positive changes to them as active owners, with the goal of improving performance before seeking an exit at an appropriate time. 
Private equity investments help companies realise their potential, by potentially strengthening its management team and providing hands-on support and access to a broader support network, while providing the prospect of solid returns to the investor. For investors, including pension funds and insurance companies, private equity investment provides access to privately-owned companies that can produce greater returns than may be available elsewhere. 
Invest in private equity through direct investment, funds of funds, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
Clients investing in private equity with Baseline can expect a wide range of hands on -support and monitoring:
  • Comprehensive oversight of all private equity assets
  • Monitoring of various private equity investments
  • Selection and screening of possible new private equity investments
  • Advice on potential mergers and acquisitions
  • Support with flotations and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • Structured finance (project finance, leveraged buyouts and securitization transactions)
  • Capital raising
  • Comprehensive reports on portfolio development
  • Private equity fund analysis. We invest in the best performing funds of private equity funds to ensure portfolio diversitication
Real estate remains a staple component of diversified portfolios all around the world. Whether purchasing domestic or international property, Baseline can ensure you find the best investment for your needs. An investment in real estate can be utilised for income, to progress in the expatriation journey, and as a step in retirement planning.
Invest in real estate markets all over the world and:
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Tap into international markets
  • Explore the world
  • Benefit from tax allowances
  • Protect assets
Take advantage of booming international markets. Invest in real estate with Baseline.
Our experienced team is here to assist you in finding the perfect property. Whether you want to generate income, make an investment as a step closer to second residency, or just want the perfect holiday home, Baseline will be there every step of the way.
Most healthy diversified portfolios comprise investments including real estate, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds but tend to miss out on another group of investments that can be the ideal diversification tool to take your portfolio to the next level: Structured products.
Structured products have seen a surge in popularity worldwide. These are highly customisable risk-return products, usually incorporating ‘options’, a type of derivative product that can be tailored to investors’ specific needs but whose performance is linked to that of an underlying asset or index, such as interest rates, commodities, or bonds – or a mix of them. 
Structured products give investors access to some hard-to-reach asset classes, increasing prospects for further diversification. These complex products are suitable only for sophisticated investors.
Baseline has a well-developed expertise in structured products. If you are considering adding them to your portfolio, ask our expert team for more information and to see if structured products are right for you.
Even a well-diversified portfolios susceptible to market corrections. We encourage investors to consider alternative investments that may protect them from market uncertainties. One such investment is a hedge fund.
Baseline’s standing is such that we are able to structure products and investment solutions with several leading global investment banks to get the best pricing and execution for our clients. This includes hedge fund investments. We provide hands-on hedge fund solutions tailored specifically for our clients.
Hedge funds offer diversification, a focus on returns, and the investment expertise of dedicated, specialist hedge fund managers.
There is no investment approach that works continually in all circumstances. Diversification with occasional rebalancing as appropriate is the best advice from any portfolio manager because the one certainty is the eventuality of change – and the most successful investors are those who are prepared for it. 
The key to success in investing is to balance your appetite for return with your tolerance for risk and to plan accordingly. Building and managing a diversified portfolio that properly balances risk and reward is best conducted with an expert partner. Baseline’s expert investment advisors offer clients a full range of investment management services to help them successfully navigate the ups and downs of the financial markets.