Financial planning examines
every aspect of your goals and aspirations,
Financial planning examines every aspect of your goals and aspirations, including your retirement plans, your attitude to risk, your views of asset management, and more. We work with you to develop an all-embracing strategy based on your individual financial and family situation, as well as these goals and personal wishes. We use sophisticated tools that can help predict where you will be in the years to come by evaluating your current situation. We use these projections to help set the course for your future investments and potential sources of income.
At Baseline, we focus on three main objectives: Protecting/growing assets, aligning your wealth with your values, and optimising your tax situation. We help you evaluate your current and future finances by using known aspects of your financial situation to make predictions about what could happen in years to come, including cash flow, asset values, and withdrawal plans.
Grow and protect assets with a thorough,
hand-crafted tax plan. Utilise your financial plan to
ensure tax efficiency by choosing tax-favoured investments and lifestyle choices.
Baseline will optimise your tax efficiency in various aspects of your financial plan:
  • Evaluate tax-favored investments
  • Work with legal, tax, and accounting advisors
  • Set up structures that benefit from tax treaties, using legal tax planning techniques
  • Ensure clients achieve significant tax savings
Optimise your tax situation. Stay compliant. Keep transparency and compliance at the forefront of your tax and legal planning. Tax planning plays an increasingly important role in the management of our clients’ assets.
We have developed a deep expertise in tax planning for individuals such as:
  • Entrepreneurs, sports stars, artists and entertainers arts who receive royalties, transfer fees, or other windfall payments
  • Those looking to relocate to different jurisdictions
  • Business and finance professionals paid mostly in stocks or options
  • People who receive income in the form of deferred revenues
  • Venture and private equity specialists with substantial overseas investments
  • Clients with assets located in more than one jurisdiction
Live worry-free
Prevent a cash-flow crisis becoming a life crisis
The cash-flow management services offered by Baseline ensure you are prepared for tomorrow’s payroll. Our team can craft cash flow projections for your specific situation, helping you manage your short and long-term needs.
Use the cash-flow management services of Baseline to:
  • Predict when your cash needs may arise
  • Better understand your cash-flow requirements
  • Prepare the solutions that best meet your needs – before the need occurs.
Our services:
  • Daily Cash Flow Report Maintenance
  • Accounts Payables and Receivables
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Cash Flow Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Forecasting And Planning
The value of life insurance to an integrated
estate plan goes well beyond providing cash...
Through the payment of death benefits. A life insurance policy can play a vital role in estate planning, tax efficiency, and creating wealth and transfer strategies. Working with an advisor to choose the right insurance policy will ensure your needs are met.
There is no need to worry whether your life insurance policy is right for you. Baseline will do the work for you.
Our team assists individuals and Family Offices in evaluating existing life insurance policies, analysing carrier performance, as well as finding new policies, as appropriate.
Choosing between an annuity and life insurance? Both life insurance plans and annuities should be considered in your retirement and financial planning. While both include death benefits, it is important to consider your needs carefully before opting for one or other of these plans. Work with Baseline to examine your goals and see whether a life insurance or an annuity would work best.